Landlord Representation & Project Marketing

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KMC Savills helps bring your estate's vision to life. Our Landlord Services is backed by a focus, proactive approach in communication that helps reach its target market. This  guarantees marketing success for your developments.

Expertise that delivers

KMC Savills' Landlord Representation provides services rooted in the landlord's vision and are developed in collaboration with property developers. This hands-on approach enables the team to successfully launch and market real estate developments geared towards the client's needs.  

Equipped with years of professional experience and client input, the LLR team zeroes in on this guiding vision and proceeds to handle the project's positioning. It also creates the overall marketing strategies and other promotional tools accordingly. Clients also receive several value-added services as the team takes charge of leasing or sale negotiations and other  after-sales services.  

What we Offer

  • Existing database of 70,000+ contacts for targeted campaigns  
  • Above- and below-the-line campaign planning and execution  
  • Marketing collateral design and production facilitation  
  • Highly-targeted client presentations  
  • Property inspections and consultancy  
  • Marketing Management & Coordination

Project Marketing: Driven by proven results

KMC Savills aims to assist developers in fully realizing their project's vision and goals. Project Marketing magnifies the potential of the building with the creative but strategic use of tools and materials. The LLR team assists developers in catering to the right audience and landing the correct market better suited to their project.   

The property can rely on highly-effective branding and awareness campaigns that perfectly utilizes different forms of marketing, banking on its established network of contacts. With a through-the-line approach, clients' businesses thrive on a variety of media exposure, client presentations, and traditional and digital marketing techniques. KMC Savills is also up to date with the latest marketing trends that allow them to penetrate all market segments through its well-tailored campaigns and executions. 

Who we work with:

  • Property owners and developers who need assistance with the marketing of their properties for lease or sale
  • Office complexes that require project marketing

Notable Clients

  • Arthaland Century Pacific Tower  
  • Inoza Tower  
  • Insular Life Makati Building  
  • ACCRALAW Tower  
  • JEG Tower  
  • Double Dragon Plaza

For more details about project marketing or landlord representation in the Philippines, contact KMC Savills today.